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2014 Hobie 16 Worlds, From the Jervis Bay Archives

I would always recommend wearing your VSC (or any Hobie sailing shirt for that matter) shirt in public – you never know who you’ll meet.

While out and about on the town, I found myself at a table at the Husky RSL in conversation with my mate’s grandfather, John Buttle. He’d come to have a chat with me based on our apparent mutual interest in sailing. After he shared stories of his youth, growing up sailing a variety of boats in South Australia, the yarn turned to the Vincentia Sailing Club. I told John about how I was quite new to the scene, yet that I’d been welcomed so warmly to the community. I shared the fun and excitement I’ve experienced, and he told me about his brief stint on a H16 with his wife, and his occasional visit to the VSC.

John then asked me if I’d been around during the Jervis Bay Hobie 16 Worlds in 2014 (I, unfortunately, was 8 years old at that time and didn’t know what a sailboat was). John, however, remembered that event quite distinctly. His friend Howard, I learnt, had managed to secure a position as an official event photographer. John thus acquired many of these photos, which he so kindly offered to share with me. I don’t know if you all have seen these before, but it’s my pleasure to help you revisit what I hear was an incredible event – all thanks to John Buttle!