State of Supremacy | 2023/24 Australian Championships

Rediscovered and reinstated at the 50th Australian Championships in Jervis Bay, the NSW Hobie Cat Association challenged the other States for Supremacy above all others, much like a Hobie Sailing ‘State of Origin’. Opening up the competition for 51st Nationals in Bris-Vegas, the NSWHCA challenged the States for: ‘ the lowest total points of the top-3 teams/helms in the Hobie 16s & Hobie 14s’. This is how they played out:

Hobie 16s

  1. Queensland: 196pts
    • Peter & Juliet Bates (4th): 40pts
    • Branchy & Jo Keen (6th): 62pts
    • Shane & Tom Peterson (7th): 68pts
  2. Western Australia: 224pts
    • Darren Smith & Claire Bisgood (1st): 25pts
    • Cam Owen & Suzzi Ghent (3rd): 37pts
    • Brad Quartermaine & Natalie Waddell (20): 162pts
  3. Victoria: 270pts
    • Fletcher & Georgia Warren-Myers (2nd): 29pts
    • Cam Weddell & Pip Pietromonaco (5th): 49pts
    • Geoff & Zak Rowdon (25th): 192pts
  4. New South Wales: 299pts
    • Mick Butler & Charlie Tonks (9th): 72pts
    • Anthony Duchatel & Evelyn Curtis (10th): 96pts
    • Dave & Meagan Fisher (12th): 131pts

Hobie 14s

  1. New South Wales: 150pts
    • Bryn Robinson-Mills (1st): 38pts
    • Mick Butler (4th): 51pts
    • Rod Waterhouse (7th): 61pts
  2. Victoria: 243pts
    • Fletcher Warren-Myers (2nd): 49pts
    • Georgia Warren-Myers (9th): 95pts
    • Zak Rowdon (11th): 99pts
  3. Western Australia: 308pts
    • Darren Smith (3rd): 51pts
    • Brad Quartermaine (8th): 93pts
    • Peter Redway (15th): 164pts
  4. Queensland: 610.5pts
    • Anthony Smith (16th): 174pts
    • Bloody Leon (19th): 233pts
    • AVG: 203.5

Final Standings Combined Totals 14s/16s:

  1. New South Wales: 449pts
  2. Victoria: 513pts
  3. Western Australia: 532pts
  4. Queensland: 779pts