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Totally Immersed TV | Bris-Vegas ’23 | Season 2 Episodes 16-19

Totally Immersed TV | Bris-Vegas '23 | Parts 1 - 4

“what happens in Bris-Vegas, doesn’t always stay in Bris-Vegas'”

Welcome to ‘Bris-Vegas ’23‘, an all new Totally Immersed TV adventure at the home of Hobie Sailing in the Sunshine State, one of our favourite locations on the Australian Championship Tour; welcome to the Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron for the 2023 Queensland State Championships! Join TITV’s local legends Pelican, Hannah, Charlie, Libby & Carmen, along with some new mates to TITV, Addy, Maddie, Bella & Kris in the biggest, and greatest event so far on the Australian Championship Tour; because for the first time since the 50th Hobie Cat Nationals, the TITV Team are all back together!

Elisabeth & Lachy have come all the way over the The Wild West to sail with Pelican and Jervis Bay’s Jimmy Winchester, respectively. Bryn & Bridget are on the scene sailing a Hobie 16 as a team in their first major event; and finally, Paddy is on the helm for TITV, once again directing the greatest team of documentarians the sailing world has ever seen.

Tune in for four days of non-stop action in the Sunshine State. as TITV takes you through the boat park, onto the race track and back home to the after party on the location of what will the 51st Australian Championships.

  • Directed & Produced by: Paddy Butler
  • Executive Producers: Hobie Asia Pacific, Pete & Lisa Raftery and Jay & Fran Tonks
  • Associate Producers: Charlie Tonks, Libby Kirby, Bridget Raftery, Bryn Robinson-Mills, Ellie Knorre, Carmen Andrews, Hannah Bates w/ Elisabeth Smith & Andrew Warneke
  • Cinematography: Charlie Tonks, Elisabeth Smith, Bryn Robinson-Mills, Andrew Warneke & Paddy Butler
  • Film Editing: Paddy Butler

Part 1

You’ve asked, we’ve done it! Welcome, Welcome, gather round, Cowboy Sailors for this weekend we are in Bris-Vegas; meaning one of two things: there’s going to be no wind, or it’s gonna be blowin’! Join Charlie, Libby, Pelican and the rest of the TITV team, as we see the mob back together for the first time since the 50th Hobie Nationals. Sit back, schedule it in your diary, because this will be one arc you’ll hate you missed!

Part 2

Welcome to the first day of the rest of your lives; and we we say your, we really mean Charlie; and regarding her life, it’s the first day she’s slivin’ as in her fully fledged 18 year old adult life! There may not be blowing, the sun my not be shining, but the Hobie Family is still absolutely loving it in Bris-Vegas in some stock standard “hurry up ‘n’ wait’ conditions. Strap in and join the TITV team as they take you behind the scenes of the Queensland Hobie State Championships, and what really happens when there’s no wind…

Part 3

Rise and shine Hobie Sailors, because today is the day we finally get to hit the crystal clear waters of Moreton Bay! With a light nor’ westerly blowing across the race course, it’s a long journey out to the start line with Charlie & Libby, and Paddy & Hannah as they take you on the water on the second day of scheduled racing.

Part 4

Welcome to the final day of sailing for the 2023 Queensland Hobie State Championships. With a moderate westerly forecasted for Quandamooka Country, our intrepid catamaran sailors are in for another glorious day of Hobie racing on Moreton Bay. Join Charlie & Libby and Hannah & Paddy as they take you on the water, but, make sure you stick around for a fun-filled presentation ceremony.