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Totally Immersed TV | Season 2 Episodes 5-7 | Wangi Wangi ’23

Totally Immersed TV | Season 2 Episodes 5-7 | Wangi Wangi '23

Welcome to the 2023 Hobie Class Championship Tour, and what better way to kick things off than Paddy & Gav playing with fire.

On the shores of the picturesque Lake Macquarie, Wangi Wangi is playing host to a new team of sailors are reporting live for Totally Immersed TV. Jimmy is on the helm prepping for the SailGP, as Charlie & Paul join the gaggle for what will be a memorable weekend both on and off the water. With the forecast showing sunshine and a glass-off, the mariners aren’t too confident. However, Team Wangi prevail with a stock-standard westerly on Saturday, with a touch of a sou’ easter the next. All we can say is: this is one story you won’t want to miss.

Thank you to our Executive Producers Hobie Asia Pacific for providing the TITV Team with two GoPro Hero10s for the weekend. Additionally, thank you to Beau Outteridge for providing us with the drone footage seen in Wangi Wangi ’23 (Part 3).

  • Directed & Produced by: Paddy Butler.
  • Executive Producers: Hobie Asia Pacific & Beau Outteridge
  • Associate Producers: Carmen Andrews, Ellie Knorre, Bridget Raftery, Charlie Tonks, Jimmy Winchester, Bryn Robinson-Mills, w/ Elisabeth Smith & Andrew Warneke.
  • Cinematography: Beau Outteridge Jimmy Winchester, Charlie Tonks, Jake de Rooy, Bryn Robinson Mills, Arbi Watt, Darren Bundock Will McKenzie, & Paddy Butler.
  • Film Editing: Paddy Butler.
  • Music Supervision: Ellie Knorre

Wangi Wangi '23 (Part 1)

Welcome to Wangi Wangi ’23, the first event of the 2023 Australian Hobie Class Championship Tour featuring the Hobie 14s, Hobie 16 Women & Youth and Hobie 18s. Paddy & Gav are on location, with the Butler & Luxton bloodlines running deep throughout the waters of Lake Macquarie. As the Hobie Family begins arriving from far & wide, a honking westerly soon turns to east, providing the Paddy, Will and the rest of the crew the perfect opportunity for an infamous Wangi Wangi Twilight Race around the lake.

Wangi Wangi '23 (Part 2)

Friday at the SailGP means only one thing: practice racing for the nine National teams competing over the weekend. Paddy’s on a mission to get to his first meeting of the day before an action-packed morning of tours. With Bella out on the water with the other hosts, Paddy was left to watch the action from the Adrenaline Lounge with the crew from the Australian Sailing Squad, before the Vincentia Sailing Club & Co. arrived for their unforgettable SailGP Inspire Tour with the New Zealand Team.

Wangi Wangi '23 (Part 3)

It’s the second day of racing at the NSW States and it’s all to play for. Your main character for the day, Darren ‘Bundy’ Bundock (Olympic Silver Medalist & @australiansailingteam4427  Coach) is currently in the lead, with Paddy & Bryn hot on his heals. However, with the pressure on, the grom squad still find time to go foiling with none other than @BanginTheCorners  Randy Cunningham on the offical spectator tinny. For the final instalment of Wangi Wangi ’23, sit back and enjoy the yachting, as @BeauOutteridge  takes to the skies to watches the greatest sailing to hit Lake Macquarie this year from above.